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Below is the book's table of contents. Blue chapter headings link to excerpts available on this website.

A Mundane Prediction Theory Sun Sun and Earth Sun in Signs
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Moon Moon in Signs Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Aspects Solar Aspects and Retrogradation Lunar Phases and Aspects Planetary Aspects Synods Outer Planet Transits Mundane Considerations Precession Appendix     Dignities and Debilities     House Division     Planetary Astronomy


Earth and Moon are as different as life and death. Earth is geologically active and biologically alive. Moon is inert. Nothing there has changed in four billion years.

Moon was created when a Mars sized planetoid crashed into early Earth. The ejected debris coalesced into our dead shadow planet. Physically Moon is a pre-biotic remnant of the era before life appeared on Earth. Psychologically it represents a pre-egoic temperament out of which personality emerges, the subconscious foundation of self.

Moon's orbit around Earth forms a womb, impregnated by solar winds. It shelters terrestrial life. Dead Moon makes living Earth possible. Without Moon's stabilizing gravity Earth would gyrate wildly on its axis, much as moonless Mars does. In consequence, any given spot on its surface would undergo continual and drastic climatic change, flipping from ice age to searing drought and back again every few thousand years. This would make it difficult for advanced life to evolve, a process requiring millions of years of environmental consistency punctuated by occasional eras of challenging disruption.

Without Moon's gravitational drag, winds of up to seven hundred miles per hour would constantly shriek around the world. Land life would have to hug the surface or burrow underground. Nothing taller than a centimeter could withstand the permanent planetary super-hurricane. Nor could anything live in the wave torn sunlit layers of the upper ocean where photosynthesis takes place. Organisms would probably remain at the bacterial level, huddled around hot vents in the abyss. It is hard to imagine complex, let alone intelligent, life under such conditions.

Moon thus physically nurtures biological life on Earth. In parallel fashion it also psychologically nourishes that life's sentience.

Sun, our guiding star, does not shine directly onto Earth. Its spiritual light refracts through a zone of psychic condensation, Moon's orbit, before reaching us. Moon steps down blinding solar brilliance into the soft silvery glow of a luminous dream, one's personal psychology.

As the closest astrological planet to Earth, Moon's orbit around it defines a zone where all other planetary forces dissolve into an integrated feeling tone. Moon gathers all the lights of heaven and consolidates them into the coloration of a personality.

Moon acts like a lightning rod drawing down cosmic vibrations. This antenna receives planetary signals and formulates them into a coherent psychological message. Moon stores up cosmic potential like a battery. And releases it onto Earth in phase with a solar purpose as it waxes and wanes.

Moon is Earth's highest mountain, hurled aloft in a cataclysmic collision during its creation. This solid shield accepts and filters Earth's first contact with alien energies. It detoxifies their unearthly strangeness by absorbing them into the unconscious. Spiritual radiation from outer space percolates through Moon's deep aquifer of instinct, vitalizing it to flow forth as the wellspring of individuality.

Moon digests specific nutrients (planetary factors) into the compound sustenance of identity. Its orbit, enclosing Earth like a placenta embracing an embryo, blends these separate inputs into the mother's milk of psyche.

Moon's material presence tunnels a gravity well through Earth's magnetic aura. All planetary powers spiral into this vortex. There they merge into the psychic genome of self. Strands of the solar system's spiritual DNA, from fast moving Mercury to slow waved Pluto, wrap around each other in the lunar whirlpool. The warp and woof of male (Mars) and female (Venus), mind (Mercury) and soul (Jupiter), spirit (Sun) and shadow (Saturn) weave together as the soul's garment of personality.

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