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Below is the book's table of contents. Blue chapter headings link to excerpts available on this website.

A Mundane Prediction Theory Sun Sun and Earth Sun in Signs
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Moon Moon in Signs Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Aspects Solar Aspects and Retrogradation Lunar Phases and Aspects Planetary Aspects Synods Outer Planet Transits Mundane Considerations Precession Appendix     Dignities and Debilities     House Division     Planetary Astronomy


Sun is the source of life. Its size, luminescence and centrality place it on a higher order of magnitude than any other body in our solar system. It points to a vitality whose attributes or levels of expression the planets chart. But its essence resides solely in itself, of an intensity and subtlety understandable only on its own terms.

Sun burns through the material world from another plane of being. It erupts into our universe of time/space, matter/energy from a spiritual singularity. It creates a smaller reenactment of the Big Bang, recurring every moment.

Sun demonstrates the ecstatic outpouring of a timeless spiritual Reality behind all manifestation. The pure thrill, unqualified Joy, of existence. The light by which we see, in which we walk.


Sun represents a larger meaning which orients our being. All other energies arrange themselves around it, in its service. Each person acts as the agent of a higher purpose. This may be collective, as in a social role. Or one may enact an individual destiny as the vehicle of experience for an ethereal soul. Sun indicates the spiritual nature of that soul, plus all of its manifest qualities: unconscious, conscious, superconscious. These are separated out, like a spectrum of light, on Sun's rings of worlds.

The physical Sun mirrors the miracle of one's own shining as a microcosm of the universe. The mystery of a larger purpose, transcending conscious intent. The authority of an authentic self or soul, to which one must be true.

Sun describes the adventure one embraces or denies; the challenge one faces or ducks. It illuminates the motive and meaning of a life, lights up the path one must follow. The direction of this path derives from Earth's constantly changing relationship to Sun through the zodiac ('Sun and Earth'). It has no preset goal or determined end, for it describes a journey in consciousness. Any of its many forms or states of consciousness can lead to transcendence, even enlightenment. Emotional or rational; artistic, religious, political or scientific: any and all truth quests can lead to Truth. It only takes a full commitment to life itself, the free gift and demanding purpose of our Sun-Soul.

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The next chapter, 'Sun and Earth,' has three parts:

The first outlines basic astronomical facts behind astrological interpretation.

The second describes how Earth's daily rotation generates a terrestrial zodiac of 'houses' during its hours of day and night. This grounds the cosmic zodiac of sign energies into psychological experience.

The third demonstrates how the chart evolves, its internal dynamics. This is based on the idea that a day symbolizes/miniaturizes a year. Thus the moving planetary positions in the days after birth foreshadow emerging personal characteristics over the years of a life.